Mark Zuckerberg Is Building A Real-Life Version Of Iron Man’s Digital Assistant ‘Jarvis’

 Mark Zuckerberg is known for setting himself tough challenges — whether that’s learning Mandarin, promoting equality, or (controversially) trying to solve global Internet access — but this year the Facebook founder just took things to another level. His personal project… Continue Reading

Misfit Debuts The Shine 2, A Bigger, More Powerful Version Of Its Flagship Activity & Sleep Tracker


 Over two years ago, Misfit launched an activity monitor called “Shine,” which was amongthe first breakout successes in the wearable space, offeringan attractive alternative to competitors’ then more plastic-lookingfitness trackers. In the years since, the company has expanded its product… Continue Reading

Apple Asks Developers To Verify Their Version Of Xcode Following Malware Attack On Chinese App Store


 Following the recent reveal that the Chinese Apple App Store had become infested with malware, thanks to dozens of infected consumer-facing mobile apps that had been built and updated with a compromised version of Apple’s iOS developer software, Xcode, Apple… Continue Reading