YouTube Kids Faces Further FTC Complaints Related To Junk Food Ads Targeting Young Children

 Consumer watchdog groups announced today they’ve filed additional complaints with the FTC over the advertising content in the YouTube Kids application. The complains this time focus on how the app allows food and drink advertisers to violate the self-regulatory pledges… Continue Reading

StreetHub Raises Further $2.6M, Launches Trouva To Curate And Sell Items From Indie Shops And Boutiques

 StreetHub, the U.K. startup that’s helping independent shops and boutiques be discovered and sell online, has raised a further $ 2.6 million in funding. It’a also launching a new brand and consumer-facing offering: Trouva is an e-commerce site that promises… Continue Reading

MarketInvoice, The U.K. Invoice Finance Platform, Raises Further $10M

 The U.K.’s MarketInvoice, which plays in the peer-to-peer lending space by enabling businesses to raise money from institutional investors and high net worth individuals by ‘selling’ outstanding invoices, has raised a further £6 million (~$ 10m) from existing investors Northzone,… Continue Reading