Twitter’s Jeff Seibert On Startup Lessons Learned From Being Bought By Unicorns Like Twitter And Box

 Last week I had the chance to speak with Jeff Seibert, senior director of product at Twitter and co-founder of Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter for $ 259 million) and one of the main individuals leading the new guard at Twitter.… Continue Reading

FiveStars Gets $50M To Help Small Retailers Run Loyalty Programs Like Their Bigger Rivals

 FiveStars, a five year-old startup that has built a platform and app to run loyalty programs and shopping analytics for small brick-and-mortar retailers, has received a reward of its own: the company has raised a round of $ 50 million, funding… Continue Reading

Colleges Are Overreacting Like Your Parents And Banning Hoverboards

 Surprise, surprise! If you buy cheap off-brand electronics from a shoddy factory in Asia, they may have poorly-designed lithium-ion batteries that can catch fire. After nearly 60 airlines basically banned hoverboards overnight, college campuses are now jumping on the hoverboard hate bandwagon. Read More… Continue Reading