ItsOn Raises $12.5M From Verizon, A16Z, More To Help Carriers Sell Tailored Data Services

 Mobile carriers are looking for ways to catch some of the growth in smartphone usage beyond their basic role as network providers, and that trend is having a knock-on effect on startups that help those carriers: ItsOn, a cloud-based platform founded by… Continue Reading

Four Nest Alums Are Opening A Retail Store To Sell Trendy Tech Gadgets

 In an attempt to modernize the retail experience for sellers, four Nest alums are launching b8ta, a software-driven brick-and-mortar store in Palo Alto, to sell Internet of Things gadgets and products on Friday. The entire b8ta experience is technology-driven —from the way companies… Continue Reading

StreetHub Raises Further $2.6M, Launches Trouva To Curate And Sell Items From Indie Shops And Boutiques

 StreetHub, the U.K. startup that’s helping independent shops and boutiques be discovered and sell online, has raised a further $ 2.6 million in funding. It’a also launching a new brand and consumer-facing offering: Trouva is an e-commerce site that promises… Continue Reading